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Introducing, we have a large shop in Valkenswaard where we sell climbing equipment, personal protective equipment, company clothing, work shoes and everything in the field of nets, ropes, sails and cloths. For anyone who prefers to shop from their armchair or who is not able to visit our store, we also have our articles for sale in our webshop. If you have any questions or want to request a quote, we are of course happy to be of service to you on our chat, by phone or e-mail.

VDSTEENXXL would like to ensure that you can work safely !! Your safety is already important in home, garden and kitchen jobs. At work, whether you work in trees, industry, on the construction site or in a warehouse, safety counts even more. According to the law, an employer must therefore ensure that his staff can work in a safe and responsible manner.

VDSTEENXXL specializes in supplying an extensive range of scaffolding from ASC, Solide and Little Jumbo (mobile scaffolding, indoor scaffolding and facade scaffolding), ladders, stairs (double, landing and various specific professional stairs), trailers, roof and edge protection and other climbing materials. .

VDSTEENXXL can supply almost all types of sails, cloths, nets, ropes and fasteners in standard sizes. But customization is also no problem for us. We supply materials for construction and industry, garden and agriculture, but also for sports, games and recreation. We deliver high quality products for very competitive prices.

VDSTEENXXL still writes SERVICE in capital letters. So if you want advice or questions, we would love to hear it!

We wish you, in any way, a lot of shopping pleasure.

Marco van der Steen
Jolijn Sol
Joyce van der Steen